Planet Fitness Membership Payment Methodology – Credit Card AND Banking Info…. Really?

Today, I went to sign up for a Planet Fitness Black Card membership. And was HIGHLY surprised.

You ‘HAVE TO‘ provide credit card AND bank account / routing information…!!!!

When I called in to question that, I was told that one of them is a payment backup. This is the first time I have come across something like this for something as trivial as a gym membership.

Is Planet Fitness really having that much of a problem to where they want BOTH methods of payments available for their use, ‘JUST IN CASE’…???

For every membership across the country that I have encountered in my lifetime, this is the first time I was required to provide both forms of payment, ‘just in case’. A credit card SHOULD be enough. My 24Hour Fitness (now lapsed since there are none close to me) and my current L.A. Fitness – neither asked for both…

I wanted Planet Fitness because they were the only gym nearby on a trip I will be taking and is also close to my new job. Having both memberships is not a problem for me – convenience is much better as far as I am concerned.

I am just not willing to give out TOO much information, especially financial information. For an INEXPENSIVE gym membership at that….

But, Planet Fitness lost a black card customer and I will be sharing this amongst my executive colleagues.

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ACE Hardware (Ace Floor Wax Stripper) – Deceitful Tax Practices on your Receipts…

You know, I was going to give Ace Hardware a very decent review, for which I also included an important piece of information.
Because of that piece of info, Ace decided not to allow my post on their Facebook page to be posted for others to see. — Because of that, I put this on MY: facebook page, Tumblr, Twitter and this web site. — Ace declined to use my product review with my comment on the donation tax being part of it…. As far as I know, this practice is not legal… In the next block, you’ll see what I had submitted:

========= begin Ace Floor Wax Stripper review submission =========

Tuesday – Jul 19th:

I was going to obtain some brand’s version of a floor sealer stripper via Amazon for next day but I said ‘screw it’, I want it right now.

Checked on Ace and saw they had a brand in stock (their Ace Floor Wax Stripper), and drove over(somewhat close) to get it – hoping it would still be there.

It was, bought it. Got home, started the process. Leaving the stripper on the floor for 5 – 10 minutes as directed is a good amount of time. For the section you want to work on.

— I used a scrub daddy sponge to agitate the liquid and finish

— The finish is not that hard to remove, IF you leave the stripper on for at least 10 minutes AND make sure to leave ample of the stripper in liquid form on whatever you are stripping.

— In my somewhat hasty work (my home floor), I shaved off a minute or two and the finish was a bit harder to get off the floor.


a) Leave the stripper on the floor (in my case, linoleum tiles) for 10 MINUTES minimum

b) Definitely use something like a scrub daddy – circular motions

c) Wear knee pads

d) Be prepared to wipe up the finish residue with a cloth of some kind

— I used my regular microfiber towels to clean up residue and dumped the residue into the water bucket I had handy

e) Used a squeegee sponge mop to pick up liquid and clean the floor in preparation for the finisher I had from two years ago – it was time for a new coating

NOTE: Be sure to check your receipt – the machine asked if I wanted to do a donation, you know “add this….” and whatnot. So, I did. But when I returned home, I looked at the receipt a wee bit closer – the donation had been included as a taxable amount of the total and NOT excluded.

================ end review submission ===================

Soooo, if you buy at Ace and the credit card reader asks you if you want to do a donation, think twice. On whether you want to have your donation taxed. It does not matter the amount of the donation, it is the principle of your donation being taxed.

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EXPERIAN Credit Bureau – WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!!! Log in access.

I had to get on Facebook and post some of this content on their page – which is something I did not wish to do. But I received YET ANOTHER of their ‘giddy’ emails about my progress.
I-STILL-CANNOT-ACCESS-MY-EXPERIAN-ACCOUNT-WITHOUT-HUMAN-ASSISTANCE-ON-EXPERIAN’S-SIDE!!!!! Since I CANNOT reach a human being without being redirected to another INFURIATING CIRCULAR automated number.


Be prepared because, yeah, language is a WEE bit salty here. But this is the worse login access for ANY site / company I’ve experienced in my career and I’ve been in Cybersecurity/Information Security all my life… Truly pissed off I am…

Experian credit bureau so giddily sends me an email about my credit score being “so great”.

I go to log in – they want me to change the password. (It has been a long time since I got on to that site.)

Then when I do so, experian, for verification, wants to use an OLD PHONE NUMBER FROM 2005 that I NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO.

And if your password:

  • ——–> needs resetting or unlocking

good luck because they want to text you a response that uses that old phone number…! (Even though my current numbers ARE in the database that they continuously sell to myriad numbers of buyers.)

And if you select the section –>> If you don’t have access to this phone number anymore, you can proceed with security questions instead.

It fails with their “OOPS, we’re sorry!” error message. Which is totally akin to idiotic, unthinking, selfish morons continually spouting useless content such as “our prayers and thoughts are with the murdered victims of gun violence” – which as all the THINKING individuals out there know – it does not help.

Yet, when you call that “helpful” number”: Call us toll-free at 866-617-1894

Be prepared! Because all you get is the ‘AUTOMATED SYSTEM’ with NO OPTION to get anyone to help get signed in. You end up going around in useless circles…

And if you need help with Security Alerts or Credit Freeze via the experian site – you are basically screwed there as well. Automated system only – and you only have the option of going to another experian web site (for a vicious circle cycle) or receive it via the USPS, 10 days later.

My only option – create a new account with current info and say SCREW OFF (think F_ C _ off…) experian.


I did more digging, there is a customer service support number:

Customer support 800-831-5614 Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST Zone
Technical support 800-854-7201 Mon – Fri 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. / Sat 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. / Sun a.m. to 7 p.m. CST Zone

Why DIDN’T experian list the 800 number in that GIDDY email, along with that CRAPPY AUTOMATED SYSTEM number 888……

But wait – there is email support – ONLY for business customers…

Okay – update – June 10th – NADA success!


I CALLED THAT –> Call us toll-free at 866-617-1894 number.
NO DAMN LUCK – JUST RUN AROUND, FRIGGING RUN AROUND for TWO OPTIONS – 1) go to the web page for instructions on how to retrieve your i.d. or password (not if they use a bad phone number or email) or 2) they will happily mail you the instructions!




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Atom IDE — Cannot find module

Okay, late to this party. When you are launching the IDE – Atom – and receive a RED block of error message such as:

Cannot find module ‘C:\Users\florks-non.atom\packages\atom-import-js\node_modules\sqlite3\lib\binding\electron-v9.4-win32-x64\node_sqlite3.node’

For anyone else with this issue. There IS a youtube video, short, but it solves the problem.

a) Basically uninstall the package and re-install it.
b) Close Atom – re-start it – problem gone (for me anyway)
– – – Link to video Failed to activate the pigments package in ATOM editor

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Incorrect “Wages Over Limit” – Payroll & ADP

An individual (on another web site) currently has the same problem I had in early 2020 and reached out to me this week (Mar 4, 2022) on obtaining an unlisted/private number for ADP – regarding their receiving a W2 with Box 3 having an incorrect “Wages Over Limit“. The following is basically a copy of what I posted on the TurboTax/Intuit site.

I responded back to this person yesterday but have not heard back about my response to him/her.

So, I thought it best if I post my detailed response here in case someone else has the same problem before  attempting to reach out to me.

———————— My response ———————–

  • My primary advice is try to call that payroll company who does the checks for the current or former company – and tell someone in their management chain that your current or former company is not willing to work with you on it.
  • If that does not work, let them both know you are getting a lawyer to file paperwork to ensure they “DO” work with you in getting it fixed.

The problem is between the current or former company and the payroll company to get it fixed. It is not on you, since you cannot do anything, well, except to bring in a legal representative and sue them for this situation… This affects your social security…

This at least fixed the W2 aspect once you do get it corrected.

My brief history:

First, it took 7 months (Dec 2020 – Jul 2021) to get resolved and a corrected W2 in my hands. 

It was primarily due to waiting on ADP to do “SOMETHING”!  ADP was the payroll company that handled pay for my former company.

Next, my former company (use Zed for this discussion) got me one number, which I called – but ADP said they do not talk to employees, only the employer. 

So that step REALLY pissed me off.  Went back to Zed to say, that number was useless.

Zed got me another number, I talked to an ADP rep. But…!!!! It turned out that rep’s section could not see everything and was completely unable to assist.

Went back to Zed on that as well.

Overall, Zed, for the whole process, kept telling me that ADP was dragging their feet to get it resolved. Individuals at ADP were not responding in a timely manner.

Zed had to deal with multiple ADP staff because of ADP changes in processes and personnel. (In all fairness, Covid might have been part of the ADP problem.)

Zed finally got hold of one competent ADP staffer to assist (as they tell me) who worked it out, sometime in May 2021.

This primarily affected my social security (W2 box 3).

Then, I called the SSA as to what the process is once I receive a corrected W2 – they said I would have to come in with the document – this was during the less restrictive lock down in early 2021.

It took another two months before a corrected W2 was generated and my receiving it… Called the SSA, again, in advance to ensure which office I had to go to.

It turned out, I did not have to go in. The SSA rep told me the corrected data was already in the system. So, that part was completed by ADP when they generated a corrected form. When I checked my social security numbers (you can look up your own as well), it was all good.

Now, I will find someone to fix/amend my 2019 tax form for a better tax refund for that year. 

End result – I hope this helps others with this kind of issue.  I know I did a lot of research as well

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Windows 11 Flat out SUCKS!!! IT SUCKS! Like WordPress changes over the years.

Installed it on wife’s new laptop and was blown away with the items we can no longer enjoy as we did in Windows 10. Also did the upgrade on my work laptop and since I have no admin rights on it, I have to deal with the crappy Windows 11 settings that quite a few of us around the globe dislike…. Will not be installing Win 11 on my personal laptop – NOT UNTIL MICROSOFT GIVES US BETTER CHOICES FOR WINDOWS PERSONALIZATION!!!!

Taskbar – YOU CANNOT ADJUST it any longer as you did in Win 10. You cannot resize it unless you hack the registry. And for some of us, the Start menu panel is not really something many of us desire. So, some of us, including me, downloaded an Openshell tool to install get back the classic Windows 10 Start menu. It is not the greatest but it is doable.

YOU CANNOT UNGROUP icons in the task bar – THEY ARE ALL COMBINED, so then you have to spend time (if you have a lot of open browser windows, which many of us do) – searching for which browser window had the open tab you were researching something on.

Sound mixer – you NO LONGER have a separate sound mixer. If you only want to open up the sound mixer, YOU HAVE TO OPEN UP SETTINGS FOR EVERYTHING!!! Then you have to go back to sound mixer again. IT IS NO LONGER AN OPTION TO HAVE A SEPARATE SOUND MIXER from settings.

There are more but I had to get the items above out of my mind for a bit, will come back later and add more Win 11 piss-poor upgrade areas as my wife tells me and the ones I come across on the work laptop.

You HAVE TO SIGN IN TO MICROSOFT in order to use the Snaps layout….

You CAN NO LONGER hover over the sound mixer and increase/decrease volume. You now HAVE TO PHYSICALLY drag ‘lever’ up/down and then go back and CLICK on the screen you were last working on so the cursor is on that screen again. (Win 10 –> working on one screen, go hover over sound mixer – use mouse scroll wheel over sound mixer to change volume and move mouse back to screen without clicking on the working screen again.)

In the Windows 11 “NEW” Start menu panel, you CAN NO LONGER “right click” on any application and select recently opened documents —>> YOU-HAVE-TO-OPEN-UP the application and THEN select the doc you want to open up… UNLESS, that is, you want to open up start menu, GO TO “All apps”, scroll down to application you wish (Word, Excel, etc.) and THEN right click on that application and it displays the last set of documents you had open…

pain, pain, PAIN!!! Alt + F + S or Alt + F + A – not working in Paint to save the document. It still works in Word or Excel but not Paint…

Conclusion: Did I mention that “I WILL NOT BE UPGRADING MY WIN 10 PRO TO WIN 11 !!!!???” Not for quite some time. So far, I see no real benefits to upgrading to Windows 11…. To me, this Win 11 version is as bad as not being able to do the editing in WordPress basic, things that we used to be able to do a few years ago (like select the whole doc and do a color or do a specific color on a couple of words in one paragraph – NOT the entire paragraph – have to go PARAGRAPH BLOCK by PARAGRAPH BLOCK to change colors – FOR THE ENTIRE PARAGRAPH!!!).

All about the money.

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Wheel of Time & Amazon Originals – Sci-Fi

@rosamundpikeon #WheelOfTime

Worthwhile to watch and enjoy and fill in the blanks – use your Sci-Fi imagination

Please note:

“NO ONE” can replicate 1,000 page books, books that span 15 (or 17) volumes and include ALL the SAME level and amount of detail.

The CGI and prop master work would be overwhelmingly expensive.  Like the silver Sliph, wait, that’s Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth – never mind.

The attempt in the past to make DUNE has failed, with the original and re-makes after that. None of the movies lived up to the huge books Herbert wrote.  Not sure how good the latest Dune iteration is until I see it. But with the level of computer tech available, the previews look promising.

It took me 20 years to read, both, Jordan’s 15 book and Goodkind’s 17 book series – I was also undergoing my undergrad (computer science, several classes of advanced math, physics [calculus version] and to read, speak & write Japanese and Chinese [both MAJOR time hogs]), then two grad degrees and two MAJOR career changes in that time span. Let’s just say my leisure time was limited. Did I mention I was also working…

So, when this Jordan series came out on Amazon by Rosamund Pike, I welcomed it and look forward to ALL of the episodes.

I KNOW that there is no way for them to make this Wheel of Time series perfect – everyone should have that kind of expectation and enjoy it.

This series is still fun to watch and enjoy and I’d recommend it to others, as long as they are Sci-Fi fans and have an open mind and ‘do not’ expect perfect mimicry with the 15 books.

I am a tad bit disappointed that Pike did do some hardcore cuts/changes here and there.  But I flat out love her for getting this series on the screen… and look forward to at least 3 seasons.

But, not sure how much they are going to cut out and speed up to cover all 15 books….

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Amazon’s Deliveries – BAD Packaging

Here we go, another saga from another irritated and annoyed customer.

Amazon is “trying” to do better packaging they stated. On a recent order, it was a box of protein bars. Normally, I use the box as the storage container but this time, Amazon in its “frickin’ stupid wisdom” chose to use a flimsy plastic bag to send it. 

Result, the boxes inside were crushed.

And yes, I try to minimize boxes and have deliveries in fewest boxes possible on a “MY Amazon delivery day” once a week. However, my recent one, on Friday, 8 separate boxes.

This time, I was a bit livid and ticked. When I wanted to make a comment on the product, to highlight the bad packing – the review was rejected because it was on delivery and not the product.

Kind of ironic isn’t it, when they do not allow you to ALSO comment on Amazon CRAPPY delivery/shipping practices….

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COME ON…!!! CVS stating “Walk-ins are Welcome” – Covid Booster

Hmmmm….. CVS website stated, explicitly, “Walk-in’s Welcome


Walked in, pharmacist asked how they can help – I said, “booster shot – pfizer” if available (just like the site stated).
Pharmacist says, “they were just audited, I’d have to schedule an appointment for some time next week.”
I said ‘okay’ and walked away.
But in my brain – I-AM-SEETHING!!!! Like you would NOT believe – I – WAS – PISSED – OFF!!!!

So, lesson, even if companies, i.e. CVS, state something such as “Walk-in’s are welcome“. It “could” be a crock of crap. And to make it a wee bit worse, the Feedback that you ensure is checked to say, “Yes”, I for damn sure would like to leave feedback, well – it DIES before you can do any input…

Just my two cents, I am quite sure there are others with similar or more, ahhhh, severe comments to make. Posting here in addition to facebook, just in case this is, ummm, accidentally deleted by CVS facebook individuals. 😡🤬🤬

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