DAMN Countdown Timers – CNN, FOX, MSNBC & others – STOP IT!!!

Why do we have to have these damn constantly running Countdown Timers on TV – cable and broadcast??!!! Do these stations believe that viewers cannot themselves figure out when the next debate or the next shiny thing is coming up – without the blasted count down timers???!!!!

Sure, the TV stations/cable channels for Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others can use these timers but they DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE THEM UP AND RUNNING!!!! 

It is highly irritating and annoying.

Because of those timers, we switch channels/stations to some other station / network who is NOT running those constant timers. This is one of those things that drives viewers to cut the cable cord and watch non-network/cable stations.

For us, we’ll just move to another station that is not using the count down timer constantly. And if we are unsuccessful, well, we can always read what we are looking for on a web site or other news outlet…

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The Last Ship – “President Tom Chandler”

Hmmmm, I’ve not seen anyone post anything on facebook (or anywhere else) regarding this but, can anyone say “President Thomas Chandler”…… I posted (on facebook) this Monday night (Aug 8th) but no one responded, even with all the other comments folks are making.  Maybe no one else sees it?

It does appear to be lining up in that direction – just give it a wee bit of thought about everything that has happened and then do some analytical thinking about what the writers/producers/director(s?) are possibly intending to do with this Navy Commander/CAPTAIN/CNO…. (esp. since a lot of main characters have been killed off).

The ‘new’ President (Oliver) does not seem to be strong enough to last with the rabble rousing regent authorities – especially after letting them take on the role of taking charge of their regional militias.

It will take someone with strength, a backbone to make harder choices, take action and follow through. Guess who fits that bill.

I could be wrong but I don’t think so…

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Sauder Entertainment Center, (Mission Collection) Used – FREE

  *** FINAL WEEK on craigslist (July 1st – 8th) *** 

— You must come pick up this used, free 
Sauder Entertainment Center at loading dock of our building
— You will need to give me a minimum 3 hour notice before you come pick it up
a) I need to remove the back (a foldable section held in place with tack nails) and 2 side bookcases &
b) take it apart to bring to the loading dock (it will be in 3 sections), for you to cart away

The unit must be taken apart for exit of our home and for you to move into your home.

  • Condition – it is still in Excellent condition
  • Fruitwood finish
  • Entertainment Center accommodates most 36-40 inch TVs
  • VCR shelf is adjustable
  • Storage area behind doors has 2 adjustable shelves and
  • 4 adjustable shelves on attached bookcases
  • TV opening: 37 3/8″h x 35 1/8″w
  • Altogether assembled: 83 5/8″w x  61 7/8″h x 21 7/8”d
  • Center assembled: 43.5″w x 61 7/8″h x 21 7/8”d
  • Sides assembled: 21.75″w x 56.5″h x 21 7/8”d
  • All 3 sections ~150 lbs


Sauder Entertainment Center 1

(1st image is from original ad)





Sauder Entertainment Center 2






Sauder Entertainment Center 3





Sauder Entertainment Center 4






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Lakewood Pro Series 20″ & 9″ floor fan set (New) for sale – $60

Call Patrick (202.363.6260 9a8pwe screen all calls) or  email: patrick642@yahoo.com

Lakewood Pro Series Commercial 20″ & 9″ floor fan set (New)  $60  

  • Condition – box opened but fans were never used
  • cash only
  • You must pick up fans
  • 360 degree pivot
  • box – 32 x 25 x 7 inches
  • Box ~25 lbs.

                  CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE…

New 20" and 9" fans

New 20″ and 9″ fans

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Costco – Bad creamer – spoiled?

Okay, I seem to have gotten myself (in early January) a large container of creamer from Costco that was spoiled/bad. At one of two Costco’s I normally go to, College Park/Beltsville, MD or Arlington, VA – I don’t recall which.

The snag is, I did not catch it until “AFTER” I’d used up ~ 2/3 – 3/4 of the container. That is because the problem area is caked on the side of the container, about 2/3’s of the way down. You would not notice it until you used up that much and started taking away from the ‘side’ of the container, which is what happened to me.

I was about to scoop out a large spoonful and imagine my surprise when I saw that encrustation (caking) on the side.  Some of the caked bad creamer had fallen to the bottom as the sides collapsed inwards…

And you’re likely thinking that it was caused by heat exposure in my place. That would be incorrect. The creamer was placed in a pantry away from any kind of heat and the container was on an outer shelf, against a wall that is part of a hallway – no heat…

Then imagine my surprise and turmoil AND new thoughts of, “was the cream I took out before bad and I did not know it?”  It could explain why I felt off kilter during a couple of times in February.  I of course had to toss away the remainder, I was not going to use the rest of that…

I sent Costco an email (their contact form) but it has no way to upload a picture, so, I created this post with pix instead…  so others would be aware. It might be too late though…

Caking of bad creamer

Caking of bad creamer


Expiration date info

Expiration date info

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Windows 10 Desktop Icons Auto Arrange – DAMN PROBLEM


Windows 10 Desktop Icons Auto Arrange – PROBLEM


March 12th update: NO NEW NEWS!!!!  The problem still exists as many folks are still complaining (including me)…

There are MANY people at this one site alone complaining of this fricking (substitute your own favorite 4 letter word here) AND HIGHLY ANNOYING ISSUE!!!! An issue that has been going on for months now for us (do your own search on the web, not just your own site, and you’ll see)!

Microsoft – GET OFF YOUR ASS AND FIX THIS ONE!!!  Many of us have more than 1 PC with win10 but only one of the PCs has this fricking issue! It is making us crazy trying to figure this out and making us NEVER want to use your products ever again! We are WASTING A CRAP LOAD of time trying to fix it ourselves and / or with info from others.

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Samsung Text to Speech – WTF!!!!! Warning, foul language within.


Well, it is a first for me, using the level and amount of obscenity that I’ve compiled here in this posting but, crap shit, this really pisses me off as much as others are getting ticked off.

Mar 13, 2016 UPDATE: Okay, there is a way to stop the updates –

a) When it starts to update, you’ll need to catch it while it is installing by going to the 3 vertical dots in the upper right — UNCHECK the Auto-Update, so it will not always try to auto-install (but you will likely need to UN-install it yet again this time around) — or

b) When you preview what is new for this software, go the 3 vertical dots & kill, errr, I mean turn off that Auto-Update… You can and should do this for all the software that is auto-updating but note, some of the software you should let auto-update.

Why can’t samsung learn to stop forcing software on us…?????!!!!!???  They are worse than microsoft.

We DO NOT WANT something like samsung text to speech!

We’ve chosen Google text to speech as a default – yet you still want to download the goddamn samsung version.

We have UNINSTALLED the F_ _ KING samsung text to speech more than once – YET YOU CONTINUE TO FORCE THE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL!!!  So we have to YET AGAIN, UNLOAD THE DAMN software.

When will samsung get the damn picture we do not want something???

Maybe with Android Marshmallow, we’ll be able to finally deny the downloads…..

And yes, I used lower case for names….  and the profanity – it goes to show how goddamned pissed off many of us are and I very sure that mine is on the mild side…

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